Guide to my artworks


The nature fine art prints are limited edition artworks that can be purchased unframed. 

I decided to create three main sizes of limited edition prints so my collectors and customers have a big choice that meet their needs. Small, Medium and Large fine art prints.

The unframed prints will have a few centimeters white border (the size of the print that you see in the description does not include the border), which will contain my signature and the limited edition number of the print.

For my prints I use Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta fine art paper because it's the best paper which can reproduce the typical contrasts, the mood, the tonalities in my works. Indeed, the paper looks almost glossy, not totally matte, but no annoying reflections appear on the print when hanging on a wall in front of a light source.

Lofoten Landscape Fine Art Prints


I know many of my customers love to have their print already mounted on a surface and I created a kind of limited edition apart from the classical original fine art section. 

The fine art prints mounted on di bond alluminium don't have the traditional white border; I think it's estetically better, more elegant for the combination with dibond. The signed certificate of authenticity will be shipped together with the print. 


A very exclusive line of limited editions. I suggest purchasing the fine art prints under plexiglass if you absolutely love a very elegant design and durability.

These prints are printed on Canson Baryta Photographique fine art paper and placed between a 5 mm acrylic glass and an aluminium dibond substrate, mounted with the Diasec® method. 

Diasec® is a worldwide trademark registered by Diasec-Sovilla S.A. in Switzerland, who developed the technique in 1969.

It is a patented mounting process which permanently joins together transparent acrylic glass and prints. It is the only mounting method that leaves the final work totally free of streaks or bubbles. Because of the different light penetration and refraction of acrylic glass, compared to normal glass, the colours are more brilliant and the image sharper. And because the print is glued to acrylic glass the result is a completely flat mounted image.

Diasec method protects the prints against aging and makes them last about 100 years and protects them against UV rays, scratches and other damages.


The Masterprints are very large artworks, usually more than two meters on the longer side. Their creation technique is similar to the fine art prints under plexiglass but with very secret and special materials and criteria by the award winning White Wall Laboratory. The creation process of this kind of artwork is very exclusive and precious, so I decided to create a Limited edition of only 1 for each image


The backlit film prints are exclusive pieces of art for my customers who need to illuminate their spaces with my landscapes. Infact my exclusive collection of Backlit film prints are handmade creations by my trusted fine art photo lab.  These can be used as ornament lamps on a table (small sizes) or can be big shining landscapes that you can turn on and illuminate your room! Artworks like my nocturnal images are the best choices if you're interested in this kind of  product. 

Backlit film print


For me the concept of Limited edition is really important for my artworks and it's essential that my customers know that they're buying not just a simple landscape photo print but a unique piece of my heart, of my memories in nature. My pictures are the result of years of experience, days and nights spent in exploring new places or studying how to develop my style which is something that comes from the deepest part of my soul.

Besides, my purpose is to make the people happy through my nature fine art works and each of my landscapes gives a unique emotion to all of you. The emotions, as the memories, are precious, are unique, are special.


Have a wonderful shopping,

Isabella Tabacchi